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Diverter Valve

Hi all

Looking into replacing my dv. When it comes to the forge ones, whats the difference between them? the 007p, 008, supersize etc.

Whats the deal? Would like to hear a little noise but don't want a huge blow off!

I have 2 008's and they are suppose to be fast responce i like them and they do the job with a subtle noise without sounding too chavy. .
I would like to try some 710n valves just to see the difference

Are they like a chirp sort of noise or gas blow off noise? Does that make sense?!

like a loud sharp hiss
S4 Muzza

I can vouch for the 007p, had one on my S3 and dont think the newer 008 is much different. Got a small sharp hiss off mine but not really audible unless you're really booting it or in a narrow street etc, as you say any louder just seems chavy.

Best bet for more noise (if you want it) would be a cone filter and a bigger TIP, badger5 or something

Not after the hiss noise. I'm after the more muffled noise....really can't explain it! Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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