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door latch- interior light issue

When i bought my RS6 I had issues with both front driver and passenger doors needing a couple slams before the latch in the door grabbed the latches on the pillar.

anyway I tried lubrication (WD40) removing them and cleaning them out and regreasing them and refitting and never got any positive results.

I managed to source some nice cheapy new ones off ebay to try fitting.  They worked perfectly for a few months then recently the courtesy light started staying on after the car was locked....then the red door jam lamp would come on and the passenger "door open" indicator would come on in the dash.  A slam and itd be off again.  Or lock the doors and itd stay off.

the next issue was the warning for my headlights being on when the drivers door was open wouldnt sound, the courtesy light wont go on when i open the door and the red or white lamps on the door card dont come on.

Anyway i still had the old latches. so i tried a combinaton of original latches, new electronics attached to the latch, new latches, old electronics, etc etc and still having issues with the lights having a mind of their own which leads me to believe the issue lies elsewhere.  Makes no difference to which latch or electronic box are attached to the drivers door.  its as if it doesnt know if its open or closed at any time.

Anyone else had the same issues ??  any guidance would be great as the car sits sometimes for 2 weeks unused and i dont want the hassle of flat batteries due to lights coming on and off at will.

Have you scanned it on Vagcom?

didnt have time before i had to leave for some business.

will scan it when im back

Managed to get the vagcom onto this recently.

error message was saying the lock/unlock signal in the driver door was implausable/unreadable signal.

changed both the driver and passenger with genuine audi items which has fixed the issue 100% Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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