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Audirs4 sub

Looked at this car in march and it is not a nice 8000
Rust on every panel except the bonnet lol.
Brush painted black wheels,brush painted headlining in black,interior not good either.
Now a non runner as well,more likely to have a piston gone than a valve. Needs a complete restoration.
Possibly worth 4000
My new toy must be worth 25k now

Can't be many 88 WR's most are MB's .
Audirs4 sub

It's an 87

Rare beast. I hope someone saves it.

Says 88 in the add !!

And 87 so which is it, could have been registered later ?

Guy at my local garage is doing a full restore on a URR?
Audirs4 sub

His Original ad said 87 like the eBay date 1-7-1987 Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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