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Ecu reprogram on a a8

Hi all does anyone know someone mobile or a garage in Kent that can reprogram  a ecu on a d2 a8. The only place I know of is audis and I know that the bill will come out to more than the cars worth. At this point I'm abit Confused about  what to do.:Confused:. Any help would I would be very greatful.
Cheers Dave
Adrian E

What exactly do you mean by 'reprogramme'?  Are you looking to have it mapped to improve performance, or have you got some sort of issue that needs rectifying?

Hi I have posted my problem it's under starts and then cuts out. I have changed the wire from the immo box to the barrel and the immo box it's self and now it's coming up ecu fault so I've bought a second hand one from a8 parts and it needs reprogramming.
Cheers Dave

Did you get this sorted?
Buy 'Supervag' on ebay and it has the capablity to read the immboliser code so you can re code everything up to work.
You'll need Vag-com for that process as well.
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