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Stigs dad

Elsecar at the races 2017

Show now confirmed for the 9th April 2017.  This show started as a club gti mega meet at elsecar heritage  centre back in 1998 ,  we outgrew  the centre and last year it was held at the Doncaster  race course.  It's open to all vag cars old and new. The event is a static  show with indoor and outdoor  space.  Anyone interested please look at - elsecar at the races  LTD.  Alternatively  message me and I'll  give you more details.
Stigs dad

Anyone wishing to show their car inside the venue or to book a trade stand ,  you can apply via the link in the previous  message from December 1st. If this year's show is anything to go by next year's will be huge.
Stigs dad

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