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End of Term Report - TTS Coupe Manual

how 3 months has flown by

so, 8500 miles later and its time for a change

In summary, the TTS was / is very very good, and I can imagine with a remap pushing 300bhp, immense

I specc'ed "sports mode" on mine, which, in addition to activating the standard spec magnetic ride, also sharpened steering, zorst and throttle

this turned the TTS into a 272PS go kart!  It stuck to the tarmac like shit to a shoe and felt great

the mag ride is too harsh though on normal driving, this was a shame as I liked the other aspects of sport mode, but not the mag ride .... would be better if you could have customised like the new audi's

some other good things about it:

Fuel consumption .... averaged 29.2MPG over 8.5k .... which is good I think ... another few k on the clock and it would have gone to 30

On a long motorway run its gets 32/33/34 no problem whatsoever - with that MPG your looking at a range of 400miles ... the max I ever got was 390miles

The seats are superb, same as in the R8 ... they'r comfortable and look and feel nice

The boot is actually very big with the back seats down, but sloping roof means depth not great

some bad things:

It looks like a TT ... not a big fan on the looks, its 5 yrs old now ... and the 2011 S line is IDENTICAL in everyway

Sound system ... I didnt spec BOSE, and that standard is shite !! no bass clarity when it gets to medium volume

Wheels ... I had standard wheels ... didnt like em !

Traction control would cut in too early when trying to drift (!) ... not sure if this was due to the haldex controller kicking it ...I found in my torsen RS 4 I could 4wheel drift, where as in the TT it would activate the traction and correct the drift immediatly

rear seats are ridiculous ... basically NO adult can fit ... the seat backs actually lean forward meaning its immensely uncomfortable even if you are small

I also found the cabin abit small and crampt

I did say I would never order another TT after this one

then I ordered a TTRS for October  :drink:


Good write up Dave, not a bad looking car, just doesn't look special enough for the money. Imo.

But as usual the interiors are A1, don't think i would buy one. Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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