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engine fault

I have a urs4 with a 2.2 20v aan engine. It has an mtm chip rs2 em 3" ss exhaust no cats bigger intercooler roughly 268bhp. Driving home last night the car died. It would start again but not continue to run below 1500rpm. I unplugged the maf and was able to drive it home but at reduced power. I have tried 3 different maf's all with the same part number but only one with an adjuster screw on the side. It will only run with the one with the adjusting screw but all throw up a fault code on vcds which I cant clear.

Address 01: Engine Labels: Redir Fail!
Control Module Part Number: 4A0 907 551 AA
Component and/or Version: 2,2l R5 MOTR.RHV HS D03
Software Coding: PMC 1
Work Shop Code:
3 Faults Found:

00553 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
07-00 - Signal too Low
00537 - Lambda (Oxygen Sensor) Regulation
11-00 - Control Limit Not Reached
00519 - Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor (G71)
17-00 - Control Difference

I cant really start fault finding till I clear the maf fault as it could be causing the rest of the symtoms.
What I would like to know is
Why will the engine not run with a good maf with the same part number. It runs better unplugged.
Is there a difference to a maf thats fitted to a rr or aby or aan engine.
Does a mapped ecu look for a specific voltage from a maf.
Thanks in advance for the replys and Merry Christmas

clean the maf first, might fix it, not sure on the 2.2 i5 but it should run without it !! just clean codes and then disconnect it

I'd look for an air leak

Was an air leak. Boost hose blown off. Thanks for the pointers. Brian Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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