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Engine management APR REVO Stasis, etc

Hi All, I guess I should have read the "project 750hp" for tuning advise.  Great posts! Has anyone had any experiences with Stage one from APR?  Is it worth it to go to stage 2?  Seems like a nominal power increase at double the price.  Considering Stage one with std, 91 and 93 modes.  Am I missing anything here from other manufactures that i should be taking into consideration?

I also have a stupid question...What happens to the sport mode button when the ECU is flashed?  I know that it engages the suspension and opens the baffle ports on the exhaust but does it have anything to do with the APR tune afterwards.  From my observation on my crappy little on-board port diagnostics it shows the boost gains when the sport mode is engaged.  Does the stock ECU have two modes as well and how are they effected by the flash?  Do they work independently after the ECU is flashed?  Cruise controls for APR tune and OEM sport button for suspension and exhaust? Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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