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Engine pull advice please.

Can i drop the engine, box and subframe as one. And will doing this mean it will come out the bottom or will it still need to be pulled out from the front.

Yes you can drop it down.

okkim wrote:
Yes you can drop it down.

Cheers    figure this will be easier an then just strip it all down.

I found it easier pulling it out, leaving all the suspention untouched so less to put back together. If you have a lift I suppose makes sense.

The only thing you'd save by dropping it all is removing the front drive shafts which isn't hard.

Apart from that I cant see much benefit, I'd suggest just pulling the engine and box out

Yep,  leave the subframe in place,  but lower the rear of it to help with access & the angle needed to lift the lump out.

I am going to be replacing all bushes / arms an also blasting an painting things so i will drop it all down then just split it all. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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