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EV14 injector query

I received my EV14 injectors which seem not to have any filter attached to them as all standard injectors do.

is this something other EV14 users have noticed?

i have adapters-extenders to use with the filter in those, but id like to know what other users got, and if different injector dealers put them in after they ship them out.

here are a couple of photos: on these there is a 35mm drop without any filter till the middle of the injector which i presume it's the main coil that i can see.

injectors were flowtested and from a little googling i did, noticed that for the flow testing, if the injectors dont have a filter, there is an adaptor attached to the injector which carries this in, so i presume that the actual flow is done with a filter. Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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