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Eventuri carbon/kevlar intake for the V8

We shared a few pictures of the Eventuri carbon intake for the B8 RS 4.2 V8 on the AudiSRS Facebook page yesterday which generated some interest, especially the claimed power gains.

Our Facebook page is intended for supplementary news and updates, as of course the forum is platform for discussion. So here are the pics we shared and if anyone has any other articles, info or experience to add, let's here it!

"The first Full red carbon/Kevlar system on the RS5. 19whp independently tested, incredible aesthetics and the first test drive has produced an incredible intake roar! Production has commenced!"


To be clear there is no affiliation to Eventuri, the product was just selected as something of interest to share. Also Eventuri make intakes for other other models, including the 3 litre TFSI, it was just the V8 intake that got my attention.


There's quite a bit of info online about these and there has been a group buy on another forum. Dyno charts have been released on their site and recently an independent Dubai RR result with a consistent gain.

It's a tough one as these cars tend to be tough to squeeze more out of.

At Surrey RR mine did 399.9 on the see the srs vid. Ended up taking it to MRC. After a few bedding in runs that came up to 422 with no changes done to the car which shows how these things can vary. Had a stage 2 remap and that raised to 438.

Doug reckoned it still wasn't right though so I got a carbon clean, we reset to factory where it did 414 and stuck in some ITG filters. The carbon build up was there but it wasn't as bad as the B7's especially for the mileage. Final figure was 460ps.

Aesthetically it's lovely. Gains wise there are a number of other options I would do first if I hadn't already and the difference between ITG filters and these is only 12-14ps for a price difference of nearly 2k. Even as engine dressing I would hydro dip the plastics first and then do this as it's cheaper and then this would be the cherry on the cake.

Sound wise I run a non standard exhaust and doubt I would here it.

For me it's something I would pick up but purely for open bonnet moments at shows and not until I had done something about the plastics first, oh and if I had an extra 2k lay around.

They look epic and seem to produce the goods, however being my picky self, the next step would be to make sure all the reddish/burgandy colours in the bay were co-ordinated Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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