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Exhaust Wrap

Is it worth wrapping the downpipe?Also,is there any difference in the colour?I have noticed that you can get black and white,am thinking black for a more stealthy look.Also,do you wrap the cat or not?
thanks in advance

I would wrap the dp, it will drop engine temps and that can only be a good thing.
Grim Reaper

ideally you need to seal the wrap after with a proper silicon heat spray. I've used cheap stuff from ebay before and it didn't last all that long as it becomes brittle. I've used the black wrap and some makes are already pretreated so you don't have to seal them. Currently using DEI titanium wrap it's a lot more flaxible and made from lava rock and has been untreated yet still holding up strong after 2 years Forum Index -> Tuning and Modifications
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