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Fault codes / harmonic damper

I think my harmonic damper needs replaced!! ( Grizz did mention it last Sept when I collected it after its big refit but wasn't changed due to the cost of it )!!
What would be the symptoms of a tired one?

Anyone got etka handy for a part number please?

I vag com'ed the UrS4 last weekend and got these codes up:

Got these codes up on the Ur S4: I had a new lambda sensor last Sept by Grizz.... has it died already

00516 closed throttle ( idle) position regulation 30-10 open or short to plus- intermittent

00537 lambda oxygen sensor regulation 11-10 control limit not reached intermittant

00518 throttle position sensor G69 30-10 open or short to plus - intermittent

00518 throttle position sensor G69 06-10 signal to high - intermittent

01257 idling speed stabilisation valve N71 31-10 open or short to ground - intermittent

Auto trans


16-10 signal outside specification - intermittent .... Is this the multi function switch ? Part number 4A0 927 156L

Coming home this morning from Leeds up the A65, the car was very juddery at low speeds ( say under 3000 revs or 50 mph, once on the motorway and at 70-75 it's as smooth as a baby's bum !!

What's going in fellas ? Are all these throttle codes coming from the same sensor ?


clear them and see what returns, dont run it on cheap fuel though

the TPS is infact 2 sensors in one on the AAN

havent had it  scanned it lately since the car has had a few weeks off.

Found a good harmonic damper so thats getting done in Sept along with a gearbox change.... can this be swapped without doing a timing belt job? its only done 6k miles since its last belt change et all bits.

Found a good autobox  with only 110k miles on it, mine has 236k on it ( auto box) the multi function switch is playing up again

my copy of vagcom doesnt like my extension cable to connect it to the UrS4/6  

I probably have a boost leak, compared to my brother in laws S6 mine sounds like  suction inside the car.

its getting done in Sept so will use the cabrio/ RS4 / Ur quattro until then    

id put a belt on it anyway mate, and new lower inner sprocket to be safe, for like 40ish its not worth the grief of it failing 2 days after it goes back together, like mine did!

so i need to do a timing belt change to swap the harmonic damper ?

BLX !!!!!

I DIDNT WANT THAT expense as well..

I'll wait and see what this guy suggests once he has felt/ seen my symptoms, the juddering isnt always there so i think its a sensor thats tits or a boost leak somewhere....

99.9% of the time its all fine and pulls like a train!! I left Noodles behind in his S4 B5 and he was trying to catch up so it canny be that bad.

B5 Avant.... where are you anyway ? you certainly know your way around these engines  

maby juddering is too low a gear or summat,  if the lower gear is cracked it will end in failure mate, i rebuilt my head after the tensioner failed, 2 weeks or so later the lower sprocket failed and took the new valves and cam pulley with it

if its not cracked then leave it, your car

im still a newbie to them, honestly

get yourself on

plenty of help there, very good site

I live in Essex (innit bruv)
from Newcastle origionaly though :thumbs: Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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