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ferrari's derisory fine

So Ferrari were fined $100,000 for operating "team orders" which allowed Alonso to pass Massa.

$100k - a slap on the wrist that gives teams carte blanche to play the same trick every race.

Disgusted of Herford

its an absolute farce i agree.

rob smedly sounded gutted giving the order to massa tho

I feel so sorry for Massa as well, that slimey tw*t Alonso didn't deserve that win. Do you think if it was the other way round, that he would have even took the order and let Massa past???????

A joke...

As a minimum Alonso and his car should have been disqualified for today.  As said a fine places blame and guilt on the Ferrari camp, so is not harsh enough.  

£1m maybe they'd think twice about doing it.

Deduction of 10pts again maybe they'd think twice.  But for a team such as Fezza, or a driver who earns millions each year, £100k is literally a joke.

His comment on the radio after he had gone past said it all.... "Now keep with him....sorry"

What a fcuking disgrace, F1 is back to being a farce once again

Alonso's last three 'wins' have been gifted to him by his team mates.  He must feel like sh*t on the top step knowing he's stolen the winners trophy.  The FIA must take this win off him or he'll whing his way to the title and ruin more sundays for race fans.

That fine in itself imposed by the FIA is another insult to the sport, giving as some have said Cart Blanche to all the teams to do the same in the future.
For once I agree with most of what Eddie Jordan said and also think that both the Ferrari cars/drivers should have there points docked as an example to the rest of the pit lane

Once again FIA = Ferrari International Assistance

Not sure I will watch the rest of the season 'live' maybe just Sky + it and watch if the rumours of a good race filter through the grapevine

Like Senna said.........I TURN UP TO WIN NOT TO RACE.

F1 has been dead for years and tonite TG re-inforced that.

The bit where Senna took someone out first corner because it automatically made him champion was class!!

if you wanna hurt Ferrari ....... dock them points!,money,unless in the millions means nothing to them!.

I can't stand that Fu*king bell-end Alonso,cheating Prick  
Massa,looked totally gutted

Let's face it - Alonso couldn't get close enough to Massa to try to outwit or out-brake him into a corner - the only was past was y external intervention. It was Massa's race all the way - moral victory... but sadly moral victories don'y accumulate points!

The $100K fine is the maximum that the stewards can dish out.  It has been sent to the Motorsport Council for further this space.

The FIA once again confirm what the initials really stand for!

No further action to be taken against Ferrari in the "Team orders" fiasco.

I'd like to say in a Victor Medrew fashion.."I don't believe it" ..... but sadly I do believe it.

prefer touring car and rally cross. only 20quid for a days racing

Agreed, saw the DTM this weekend, was awesome...

Cant beat this noise! SO LOUD!!!

The V12 Mercs are the best sound ever!

Last year jason plato won at brands hatch by the distance of the front door to the end of the front wing........Mum loves jason plato   Forum Index -> Motorsport
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