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Few Issues with new urs4

Just fixing some neglect

AAN Engine

Have no central locking no big deal really tho

No water temp reading in dash

Would like to know the location of the temp sender and part number if poss

Have a master caution warning when the Clutch fluid sensor is plugged in "plenty of fluid"

Fine when unplugged

Oh and it has UFO brakes

Good or bad


Im breaking an UrS4 .. Central locking pump is still here .. And UFO brakes ..
You can try the central locking unit first if you want .. Quite a common problem though as I sell a lot for the A4s & A6s ..


is your box an auto? What year is your UrS4 please?

The locking pump has melted looks like it was about to catch fire :/

Water temp fixed, expansion bottle fixed,

Its got ufo fronts :/

Its a manual 6 speed


If the pump has got hot it sounds like you'll have a leak somewhere in the central locking pipework which has caused the pump to run for an excessive amount of time.

Its no big deal I can live with manual locking

Not sure what I am doing with the car yet

IS your car Pearl ? my bruv in law desig heard of one up your end of the world recently Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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