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Fitting a DV on a Audi A3 1.8 turbo quattro....?

A mate is having problems with his dv in that all he is getting is turbo chatter and no dump.

Few queries:

Is this the right dv to use on these engines?

Is this routed properly?

I thought these engines prefer a recirc dv and to me it looks like the dv has been routed wrongly.

Any help be much appreciated.



It's fitted wrong. It looks like it's fitted to the intake side of the turbo, so in theory its dumping atmospheric to atmospheric. To the left of the dv you can see where someone has blanked off a pipe, that's where it needs to go.

But, IMO I'd just stick with a recirc type valve like oem rather than a dump valve.

ok thanks matey...doesnt the recirc dv fit to the thickish pipe thats going to that sumwhat vacuum circular thing next to the dv in pic? Seen this on a vid on you tube hmmm...

its fitted on the wrong pipe

thats stock, you need it fitted on the pressure side

so he basically he needs the pipe that splits into two (on the left where it's been blocked off) put back on....

hmmm thanks matey

hello where would i get the pipe im missing

take the bung out of the left pipe, put the dump valve in there, put the bung in on the right where you remove the dv from. that's if your staying atmospheric

nope im going recirc with bov so it does both Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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