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Fix? NSR door won't open from outside but will from inside


Over the last couple of days I've noticed that the NSR door doesn't always open when using the key fob......
If u open it from inside it will open no problems until you lock it again then it stops working again....really random as it wil work sometimes but won't other times.
Anyone else had the issue if so is it a setting i need to change or is there a "fix" in place for it. Most annoying thing is it didn't do it until it went to Audi earlier this week....



Seems a common problem the door locks.

I've read removing the lock assy and cleaning it up works.

Anyone else got a fix as I don't have the tools to start taking door cards off etc ?

I've read something about opening door from inside and out side at the same time ?? Not tried it yet but read it online.
You can hear the door trying to unlock but something just isn't catching the lock..... Once opened from inside its fine until locked again then back to square one grrrrr😡


Hope your all well 👍

I've tried the pulling internal/outside door handle with Window down and slamming the door but the internal catch still hasn't loosened....

Any other hints or tips on getting them working, it's effecting both rear doors now. Strange though as once opened from inside they work until locked again....

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