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FL Noggy B5 S4 - Parts car or rolling project

Gauging if there's any interest in my B5 S4.

Brought off here 3 years ago now (
Had no MOT, broken theromstat, fixed it, got it back on the road, did some minor mods and used it.
Now with a new year, new job, new home, it's spend 4 months sat doing nothing. It needs some work, I put off doing a lot of it last year due to new job/move, started buying up parts needed to sort it out. It passes MOT without too many problems.
The girlfriend really loves the car but we're just not using it so I'm wondering if anyone is interested in it.

2000 'W'
4 previous owners
Cloth Recaros
Blue Carbon Weave
Factory towbar
Dog net
Rotiform Nue 19 wheels
MOT August

Bad bits, here's the list:

Engine, turbos pull fine, no whining but at 150k I'd be looking to source a set of k04's. Occasional smokey start in the cold but it always clears.

Front bumper needs repair/respray (minor low speed accident last year)

Drivers side wing needs replacing/respraying (i have replacement)

Drivers side inner arch needs replacing (i have replacement)

Wheels: I now have 7 wheels. We cracked an alloy last year, had it repaired as we were moving and Rotiform don't sell them as a single. I brought another used set. I was going to choose the best 5 and have them stripped and refurbished.

Heater matrix has a small leak, no wet carpet but you can smell it occasionally

Carpet has some bald spots, again I've sourced a replacement, was going to fit it when I sorted the HM.

Rear bumper will need a respray (some towing related scratches)

Back box needs replacing, it's very rusty. I was holding off for when i wanted to replace the turbos but they never did.

Remote doesnt worked, usual B5 vacuum issue. Never bothered me, never got around to doing it.

I'd probably be looking for around £2500 or I'll keep it, sorn it and decide what I'm doing with it later on.

pics to follow.

Car is in Nantwich, Cheshire

and a nice few back when it was washed and undamaged


Any interior pics?

Have you got the o/s bumper grille??

hi, yes still have the grille, it just popped off and thoughas i was going to get it resprayed id wait to refit it.
i'll get an interior shot tomorrow. if you look at the old for sale link that'll show you the spec, †its not much changed from that apart from i brought some black mats for it.

just to clear up too the wing replacement is for rust, not due to the bumper damage, a previous owner did a bad repair job, will get close up pic tomorrow too

Hi, is this still for sale?



Hi Andy, sorry car is now sold, was picked up yesterday.

Hi Ben,

Gutted! Cheers for getting back anyway and glad you sold it.

The hunt continues!


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