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Fl/rs4 ecu into c box pfl/fl.5

Wanted to know whether you guys think it's worth doing given that I'm seeing a lot of remapped fl ecus coming up and I have a c box fl.5 motor. Done some homework and from my understanding i think the swap can be done.

Does the reflashing wipe the map and set the box to default map.

Better to just map my c box?

Excuse my lack of knowledge on the topic.

It should just work so long as its not from a late model car with Hitachi MAF.

The later ECUs are IMMO 3 too, and it might be difficult/impossible to pair it up with an IMMO2 cluster. Disabling the IMMO is very easy though.

You may get a couple of spurious fault codes about missing messages from the ABS system, but these dont really effect anything.

What do you mean by "reflashing"? That usually refers to writing the tune to the ECU, but maybe your meaning something else here.

What I meant was if it's paired will the map be lost. I thought all facelift models post fl.5 were immob 3?

Something about eeprom difference  between the pfl and flexible ecu. Some coding required or is really plug and play?

Cars that got the digital clock in the dash cluster are IMMO3. Yours had an analog clock, and thus is IMMO2.

And no, pairing the IMMO doesnt affect the map.

The later ECU's do have a different size main ROM chip, but thats not really an issue, its not seen by anything other than the CPU inside the ECU.

You can obviously not flash in 1024kb file that is found in fl cars on to 551c 512kb box.
You can get any 1024 kb box and make it work with your car.
There are some minor issues but it is codable as previously said.

I had RS4 ECU on the pfl car. Disable immo and it works. Obviously you need to have correct map in it.

Hello! Very interesting topic, thank you raised it

It is no problem at all having RS4 ecu in pfl S4.
All you need is any 1024kb turbo Ecu that can be converted fully to RS4.
No need for any hardware change.
Everything is done in code.
No dtc - everything works perfect. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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