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Fluid leak possibly power steering

Hi everyone,

My car was up on a ramp last week and i spotted a stained area near the rear passenger side jack pad point. There was a small droplet of oil and i wiped it and it was a yellow/green colour. Thought it was weird and thought nothing more of it. Didnt think it would be brake oil as i couldn't see any brake lines running that way, plus it was coming from inside the rubber seal area.

Just took a pic of that area:

And then today i spotted a dripping of fluid from the front right side that would almost be directly under the power steering fluid tank. Have taken a pic of that area as well, it was coming from the tray nut thats a bit rusty:

Anyone had similar issues with the rear leak i have got?

Taking it to Audi next week for a free vehicle health check to see what they can pick up. Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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