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Forge DV's Pipercross air filter and boost hoses

Got a couple of things here for sale, came off a B5 RS4 (apart from the hoses)

Two forge diverter/blow off valves, removed due to fitment of OEM:

80 for the pair? - not really sure how to price these as they are quite expensive new, just not sure on the age as they were on the car when I got it

Pipercross air filter, fitted approx 8,000 miles ago:


Finally, a boost hose kit. Advertised for RS4 but I think it's more S4 as the lobster claws are a smaller diameter. It is brand new and looks of decent quality, they weren't expensive and I bought them on a whim:

75 - that's what they owe me

Cheers for looking

Should of also said I'm open to offers on all of this stuff btw

Bumpety bump!

Forge DV's now to offers on the rest



What colour are the hoses mate?

Also interested in boost hoses (and probably Panel filter too if you could repost a photo (Photobucket links are dead)

Sorry about the lack of replies to this, I didn't not realise the photo links had gone dead! I'll get some posted tomorrow. The hoses are black btw, they are still available as is the filter Forum Index -> For Sale
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