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Free Online Mileage Check (VOSA)

This link was posted up on another site and I thought it was worth spreading the word.

Basically you put in your VRM and your MOT test number and you get back the history of mileage readings taken at MOT time.  They only go back a few years, but as there have been a few stories of clocked cars (and it appears very easy to do), someone might have a use for this.

Also shows if you're car has failed it's MOT for any reason and any VRM changes (ie: private plates).

Reminded me that the bloke I bought mine off was selling because he didn't use it much.  He'd only done 3,000 miles in the 10 months prior to me buying it!
Big Andy W

What a Good site, my latest MOT test is missing frpm 2008, but shows

56k 2006
61k 2007 (rear exhaust hanger broken)

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