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Free tickets for Goodwood....

The Daily Mail is giving away free tickets ... but read the promotion carefully - they're not for the Festival of Speed (Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July) but for the Thursday when they are holding an event called the "Goodwood Moving Motor Show". Tickets are normally 20 each but if you use the media code MMSDM at the checkout the tickets are then made free.

I'm going for the full three days of the FoS but thought I'd let you know about this promo ... may be a sort of taster for those who wonder what the FoS is all about.

Tickets from:


Nice one.

Cheers Paul.  We're heading down on Thursday to set up camp.

We're driving down on Thursday to our B&B..looking forward to a good petrolhead weekend

im there on the saturday. hope it was as hot as last year.  

Its always hot down sarf

Mini meet up chaps?  Maybe meet at a particular bar/stand at x o'clock? Forum Index -> Motorsport
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