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Friends S2 having a boost problem

My friend owns a fully built S2 with forged engine and all that...

He had it tuned with Standalone KMS (Kronenburg management system)

He has a problem , his car went to get Tuned and the car made full boost at 4600rpm but there was something wrong with a driveshaft that was modified for the B5 S4 Gearbox so it went off the Dyno and weeks passed by...

He then went back and the car was Tuned to 545hp and 550nm (it made 650nm but the tuner mapped the torque back to 550nm for his clutch)

He made full boost at 5500rpm and still does ... Could it be by turning down the torque that the turbo spools later ?

He has a Turbonetics T58 Turbo with OEM S2 wastegate.

He is really annoyed that the turbo comes in that late and he went back and they said that's just the way it is ...

But it made full boost on the first run weeks before alot sooner!

The 3 maps , you see the one where the Turbo kick in much later? That's the map he is one now...


I'd settle for that, looks like a nice smooth power delivery as well. Probably best off asking on

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