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Friends S3 coming up for sale

I have a friend that goes to my gym that fancies an S4 as he has 3 kids and could do with the extra space and power. He isn't a member on here and advertised it on ebay buy got all the swap offers for scooby's etc. I told him to advertise it on here. Will probably get it in the for sale section by today or tomorrow. It Will be his first post so don't beast him for just joining up to sell a car.

The S3 is a 51 plate with about 85k. Ming blue with black leather. Pretty much standard with fsh etc. It's a nice car and if i didn't have my cupra i would considered it as my daily driver. I think he is only looking for around 3.5k. He would probably look at px for v8 s4.
Remember only beast him a little, stuff like nice car but your deadlifts are mince.

i have arrived boys/girls no beasting lol,will get pics up as soon as i can thanks


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