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Front left clunk noise after fitting coilovers!!!!

Recently replaced DRC system on my B7 RS4 with KW V3 coilovers and for last three weeks everything fine.

Now I have got a clunk coming from front left at low speeds and stationary when you just turn the wheel and no more. At high speeds no noise but very noticeable clunk at low speeds turning even by the smallest move.

All other suspension components were in good condition when coilovers were fitted so have not been replaced..

On other models of car when I have fitted coilovers I have experienced similar noise from the spring moving as it is not under same load as standard shock springs but this seems a bit more than that.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this especially after fitting coilovers?

My initial thought is now suspension has bedded in perhaps something has loosened off and may be simple tighten up but any other info would be great

Top suspension arms replaced so hopefully that cures the clunk. Also had replaced inner tie rod which was a bit dodgy.

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