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Front wing replacement

For info: I noticed a few months back that my front passenger wing had lost a small piece of paint about the size of my fingernail from the bottom of the arch down by the sill.

When i took it in for service i asked if they could look at it expecting them to get a "Dent Devil" to repair it. I was quite surprised when i was told it would be sorted under the bodywork warranty and they'd need the car for two weeks.

When i got it back i was told they'd replaced both front wings as there was evidence of bubbling on the drivers side wing too. It must have been minimal as i'd never spotted it.

Seems there's a bad batch of B8 wings that managed to slip the net so if you find the slightest corrosion on either wing it's worth a trip to the dealership rather than tackling it yourself.

Shocking, good advice though.

Was that Leeds Dave?

I think it is because the B8 doesn't have the guard at the bottom of the wing like the B8.5 does

8K0853823 is the part number for the extra trim the 8.5 has.I think you have to remove the locating lugs though as the B8 doesn't have the same holes to fit them.They will hold on fine with the 3M tape provided


Unfortunately, this is quite a common problem, apparently.
Loads of posts about this on some of the other forums too (e.g. see here and here).

Hi Clive, yes it was Leeds, Andrew in the body shop is a good egg and really looked after me

interesting! i'm looking at buying a B8 soon so will definitely check the wings! Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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