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Fuel gauge/sender problems

After filling the RS with about 90 worth of the old go juice and seeing the correct level displayed, drove home, parked up and left it for a couple of days.

Come to use the car again and I'm greeted with a beep and the fuel light on?! Thinking to myself im sure I filled it the other day and it's not that thirsty ha.
I know the gauge on the 6 is vague at the best of times but this is a first, reading stone cold empty on gauge and DIS.

VAG COM confirms "open short to plus" on the sender so I'm assuming it's fubar'd? Advanced blocks shows the resistance to be 510ohms which is also out of spec I think, read some where it's meant to be lower in the 100 range?

My question is... Where is the offending article located? Under the rear cover for the tank in the boot, or under the rear seat bench with the fuel pump? An expensive item to replace?

I would imagine it's under the bench and the sender will be attached to the pump housing like most other petrol VAG

cheap as chip to replace to

Under the rear bench. There's two access panels as there's two senders! Left hand one is a slave sender and the right hand one has the in tank pump.

Thanks, I guess once I find which one is the problem it should be easy to get hold of?

Best way to test the two is test the resistance of both and see which is out of spec?

That's it. Just a multi meter on resistance or continuity test across the wires will show up the fault. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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