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Gauging interest

Thinking of selling my noggy blue facelift s4

Need to get rid of 1/3 cars and sadly I think this will be the one going.

Seeing what I can expect to get for it before I make any decision.

Details are as follows:

2001 s4 facelift nogaro blue avant

147k with stacks of history, cam belt and clutch done last year

Turbo back toyo sport exhaust (no cats)

Lowered on rs4 shocks with h&r lowering springs (think o/s/f top mount is knocking slightly but unsure)

11 months mot on it, couple silly advisories

Serviced the car myself when I bought it, plugs and all filters.

Been mapped by mrc stage 1, fair amount of work done by them over the years.

Not long had windows tinted by a specialist not a diy cowboy

Sits on a set of b6 s4 wheels with 8mm spacers all round, tyres were brand new when I put them on.

Inside is full black electric recaro leather in immaculate condition.

Double din non nav stereo, comes with aftermarket double din fitting kit.

Headlights could do with a polish

There is a small oil leak from o/s of the engine as I can smell oil burning once it's warmed up, no smoke out the back except condensation.

Not looked into this as I just don't have the time like I used to.

Have been meaning to get it to mrc for a health check as it sometimes hesitates on full throttle but is normally fine and flies.


That looks like a nice one.  

what centre caps are they ?

Think they are a8 centre caps bud

They don't look like anything I've ever seen on an '8!

Cmg-rob wrote:
Think they are a8 centre caps bud


I'd say they were 8E0601165A which are A4 caps.

Though maybe not, but similar:

Off a8 monoblocks

Well I never, the infamous dustbin lids. Glad to be proved wrong.  

Car is definitely for sale.

Circumstances have changed and this unfortunately has to go

Am open to sensible offers

Lovely motor..... Am in the market for another S4
Think you'd have more interest if you sorted all the niggles first.....

Completely agree bud, it's on my to do list just having time to do it

S4 forsale

Hiya what you looking for the car and have you some details please..cheers.. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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