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Gearbox and diff oil change?

Evening guys (and girls?)

Having real problems with the search function on the forum so decided to just start another post....

Do I need to change my gearbox and diff oils on my S3? It's done 140k

If so what sort of intervals should I be doing it?


IMO unless there is signs of leakage from the flange shafts seals on the diff (which you shld replace but there will usually be a lot left in there) i would not bother creating the work for yourself.

Again gearbox, i wouldn't bother..

Haldex oil is always worth keeping up to date with, check its history & change if necessary.

Pics of the imola Henry!!

X2 on Haldex oil and filter, gets proper manky in there!

Gear oil doesn't really have a set interval and generally lasts. If you have a ramp and some spare oil it definitely won't do it any harm! Reminds me I still need to do the diff and box oil on the misses tt!! Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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