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Gearbox and other questions

Hi Guys, I'll be in the market for one of these shortly as after the sale of my M5 I've been demoted to driving a diesel and I'm just about sick of it !!
I have a couple of questions if I may.

First off, how intrusive is the kick down. On my C5 it really annoyed me. Can this be mapped out ? Is it possible to remove the kickdown when in manual completely ? Also how quick is the gear shift in sport mode ? I only ask as I've also recently had an SST equipt tuned Evo X and although I know the auto box is going to be nowhere as quick I wondered how it would compare to my current E90 330d m sport.

Secondly, how many miles does a tank get you with a mix of driving ? I'm not concerned about the cost but nothing bothers me more than planning my routes via the petrol stations !! I'll never get why so many powerful motors have small tanks !!

cheers in advance guys, sorry if any of this has been covered, but my search turned up nowt.

Hi, only had mine for a couple of weeks. I get about 300miles for a full 80L tank, worst was 280miles but that was the first week and involved many demonstrations of the V10 with Stainless cat back pipe. Did you have an E60 M5? I have an E39 M5 and hadn't driven it for a while, I took it out the other day and had forgot how good it was, totally different than the S6, a bit more raw. The S6 is more comfortable, less aggressive but can shift when needed. Took a bit of time getting used to the throttle sensitivity. One thing I have found is there are not many C6 S6's about and thus very little info on forums when compared to the BMW. Overall I'm happy with my first ever Audi, parts seem reasonable, insurance was not too bad, a very capable car that is nice to be in and certainly quick enough for me. If your going to view one drop me a PM, now I've had the car a few weeks there are a few things that I know to look out for.


Hi Mike, yes mine was an E60. Epic car, loved it but to be honest I have been hankering to get in a C6 since I had my C5 and Brett took me out in his. Also I should have been a bit more specific, I'm after an RS6 as opposed to an S6, however I really appreciate the feedback.  How do you find the gearbox ? When in manual does it still kick down when you floor it ? The Evo would not kickdown in manual, but the e90 does and it is sooooo annoying !!
I reckon the fuel should be similar to the S6's as its a fractionally smaller capacity and turbo'd cars are usually slightly better on fuel when not going full chat.

not tried it actually, will have a play later on my way home, my mate had an E60 made my E39 feel like a 330d.......was a nice car, mmm RS6 you like a walk on the mental side then, very nice, not many S6's about and hardly anyone on forums with some pics when you get it.....

Sure will Mike, and don't forget to post up your kickdown findings !!

had a bit of a play on the way home from work today, roads were really quiet, did not kickdown once in manual......very entertaining.......... Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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