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Gearbox rear flange removal [Manual 03 S4]

Does anyone know how to remove the rear Gearbox propshaft  flange? I can't see how it comes off there's no bolt/nut holding it in, there's a 6mm hole in center of the flange that's about 12mm deep.
 I should have taken a photo but it was late and I was cross. I'm trying to replace the seal as it's leaking and I was lead to believe that there should be a nut/bolt or an M6 thread to "jack" the flange off.

If it's the same as the 01E box (don't see why it wouldn't be), it is held in with a circlip inside the box. You'd need to remove the end bearing completely to change the seal, unfortunately.
It's easy enough to do but don't lose/misplace/re-order any of the shims etc which you will find in there!

Pic here:

Exactly as for the 01E box - to change part 14, you need to release circlip 10 and press out the flange. Watch out for this shims and that spring - I'v found that on the wrong side of the center diff in boxes which have been opened before I got to them, on more than one occasion.
When pressing the flange back in, be careful to press on the bearing rather than the housing, or the bearing will pop out.

OK, appreciate the response and the info. Definitely a bigger job than I'd planned for, I'll make sure I start earlier for that!

 I'm just looking at the seal TPS gave me and it's different to the one in the diagram. I've got a 016 409 399 B and the diagram shows a 01E 409 400....

Were do I check the Gbox id number?

the 016409399 is the front driveshaft seal.
You need the rear one - the box id is tricky to find as each part of it has its own number cast on it.
VCDS will tell you the gbox code, but I think you're pretty safe to order the part in that diagram.

It's only a few extra bolts to remove. You might like to refresh the oring around the end bearing while you are at it...
0A3 301 323
Part 28 in this pic....

The easiest way to put it back together is to place the spring and washers into the bearing housing in the right order!! and then the center diff on top to hold it all in while you insert the whole lot back into the rear end of the box. A little wiggle and it should slide in far enough to get the bolts in and then tighten each bolt a little at a time to ease the whole thing together.

Once again thanks. I asked TPS for the rear seal, so they've given me the wrong part...
One more question.

Should I be able to do it with out removing the cats?

Never done it myself and I don't have cats any more

ScottR is your guru on that one - Scott?
PM him to ask.

ACtually Scott's done B5s, but B6s shouldn't be too different

Just checking, this is a 6 speed manual, yes?

Yes, 6 of lowest gears Audi could find...

There's not a High/Low range lever hiding in the car somewhere? Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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