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God I hope Audi Wins Le-Mans this year

Those of you who follow sportscar racing will know that the R15 will race with significant revisions this year and that Peugeot prented Audi from gaining a place at Sebring this year with a revised 2009 car that fell just short of meeting the regulations.

Neither manufacturer is competing in the ALMS (of which the Sebring 12 hours is the first and arguably most important round) so why the French manufacturer saw fit to block the Audi entry had baffled me.

The big one is Le-Mans thought and having been caught out badly with setup on the (then) new R15 last year, Audi does not plan to make the same mistake again. The car is heavily revised and has been tested relentlessly for months already.

Roll on June

its been tested in the USA as well

Audi had better stuff those onion eating, garlic munching, 6 throwing, timber shifting ooh laa laa orientated European fkcu pigs !!

"cheese eating surrender monkeys"

quattrokid wrote:
its been tested in the USA as well

Yes, Audi tested at Sebring for 3 days, starting the day after the race finished and at lots of other places too

The new car, the R15 'plus' will have it's first race at Le Castellet in southern France, an 8-hour race, 11th April.

I'm going to Le Mans - many others from here?

David any SRS flags around??

Dunno, thats a thread for the meets forum I guess

I'm fancying a trip down to Paul Ricard (Le Castellet), that's for sure

have you seen photos of the R15 Plus ?

oh boy

Oh yes!

It's 980 miles to that part of Provence (Paul Ricard) from my house hmm.

Tom Kristensen is still on crutches BTW  

he only needs to use 1 foot on the throttle and NOTHING ELSE:) Forum Index -> Motorsport
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