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Goodwood FOS

Is anyone else going? - for the first time ever I won a competition and bagged two tickets for the Sunday courtesy of Audi UK to see the new RS3.

I've been once before to the FOS and it was excellent, so quite excited about this years event - despite the mission to get down there from Newcastle!

Next job is to attempt to find some accommodation which isn't north of London.... popular event! If anyone has any suggestions / recommendations?

Now in addition to the Audi stuff - where's that 2015 GT3 RS...!


I go every year - I (along with 1000 other people) also got free Sunday tickets on the RS3 comp - Audi have gone mad with the marketing budget it seems!

You definitely want to stay somewhere that allows you to get to the gate for opening (7am) - even if you are there at 8am you will sit in traffic for hours and miss loads of valuable time!

I'm only 2 hours away, but my Dad is only 20 mins away so staying with him.

Arundel is a lovely town just 15-20 mins East of Goodwood - I'd look for a BnB there.

I won my tickets from Peugeot, the wife has one. So I'll be down there on the Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing some of the older (proper) F1 cars doing a run up the hill.

Will be there on the Friday, but going up and back in a day from Somerset!

I went once years ago and had a great time ! plenty to see etc Forum Index -> Events & Gatherings
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