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Haldex ecu ... can I borrow 1 please

Our S3 has an "Awesome" haldex ecu upgrade which is believed to be causing issues with the abs...

Basically what's happening is this:

It first appeared on our way home from collecting the car in January, sat on the motorway plugging our way home when... up came the yellow triangle & abs warning lights in the dash !!

Stopped en route for fuel and the 2 warning lights didn't reappear, in fact they didn't reappear for a few weeks.....

Took it to our local Audi master techy chappy who scanned it only to find no fault codes on the car whatsoever    so we left it at that... out on a country drive doing 40 mph when the lights reappeared !!

a pheasant decided to fancy its chances and ran into the road, so I braked quite hard, the brake pedal felt like it was pulsing and dropped nearly to the floor    it felt as if I was braking on dry tarmac onto gravel!!

At higher speeds the brakes are spot on BUT the brake pedal does feel much softer than our previous S3 some 7 years ago now, maybe I'm so used to the UrS4 & RS4 brakes I "think" the pedal is soft but I'm sure it should feel harder to push than it is....

New discs and pads fitted this week has made no difference, the wheel abs rings and sensors have all been double checked, so have the vacuum hoses. No faults came up on the vag com block for the abs or brakes so all is good there. The brakes have been checked and the fluid changed twice within a few days, still no difference...

without going into changing the abs module/ pump assembly the only other thing we can think of is this Awesome haldex ecu

It's programmed to be more of a 50/50 drive instead of whatever %age split a normal haldex ecu does ( the haldex has had its 40'000 mile oil & filter change put the symptoms persist)

Does anyone have a spare 2001 S3 8L comparable ecu I can borrow please and see if this is the culprite ?

Basically the abs is kicking in early at slower speeds and it's un nerving when the car doesn't stop as it should

Any help would be appreciated  

By ECU do you mean the controller?  I just bought a 4motion golf and it has the blue haldex controller fitted and I have the original one spare.
It the little control box that fits the rear diff.

cant even say take the fuse out as it brings all of above up on the dash, so that idea is no good lol

Coulstar,  I may take you up on that, thanks   how far are you from Aberdeen infirmary are you ? Perhaps arrange for you to meet one of the artic guys who go there nightly ( except Fridays) and they could bring it down / return it to you by hand saves posting it ?

Fuse 31 us getting pulled today and seeing IF it makes any difference to the abs cutting in early...if no difference then it's not this ecu upgrade.
(My vote is on the abs module/ controller)

I could meet the guy somewhere, thats not a problem.  I will check the part number tonight but Im sure it will be the same for all Golf/A3 platform cars.  
I didnt realise you can alter the ECU for the Haldex hence why everyone fits a different controller.  Or are they the same thing?

I have one but no idea if it works or not. It's on the car I'm breaking and the haldex didn't work but the code it gave was for the clutch. Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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