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Haldex upgraded ecu from Awesome Tuning

Reading the history of our latest aquasition, it's got an Awesome Tuning Haldex ecu upgrade....

Anyone shed any light as to what benefits it has over the standard ecu please and is it one of the ones that makes it more permanent 4wd


It should be something that allows you to vary the split to the back.  I think the standard is 70 / 30 split but this can go to 50/50 IIRC.  Type Haldex controller into Google and it should come up.  They are not cheap.

normal hadex unit is REACTIVE on the 8l, it can send a lot of power to the rear, almost all of it (but reality is it wont unless the front axle is in the air lol

the performance controllers do things like send 50% to the rear before slip occurs under certain % of throttle, they also, in some controllers, keep the haldex clutch engaged when braking

Reciept is about 575 quid so it's not cheap as you say!

Might ring Awesome and ask what they fitted  

if it helps it splits the power ratio as a 50/50 as standard instead of 70/30, the also react faster to slip, reducing understeer and increasing feel massively!

They're shit hot. Should be a little blue box.

Essentially they make the car handle as it should when really pushed to the limits.

Go to your nearest roundabout, start going round it at a decent speed and then clutch kick the car in 2nd and see what happens....... Drifting God status! Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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