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Help needed...

We could use some help @ ADI selling raffle tickets.

Anyone with an outgoing personality fancy extracting money out of people for a chance to win one of our great prizes?

Apply within.

Also just so it's clear, 100% of the proceeds will the going to the charity (LRF)

I'm sure we could convince the wives to take a wander with some tickets again mate

Don't worry, their names were already down.

where's Jules when you need him.....

mikeyquattro wrote:
where's Jules when you need him.....


I suspect he will be along shortly

Here's too shy, bless his cotton smalls!

Chaps, I would of course love to help - but I won't be at ADI - instead I'll be driving a single-seater racing car round Silverstone on that day! But good luck with the raffle anyway.  

You always seem to be farting about when we have an event on Jules

Hopefully I'll be "farting about" at high speed Dave - and this time in a single-seater, so no screaming instructor on-board (as per my Porsche track day) Forum Index -> AudiSRS fundraising
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