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Heter flap,no heat to feet or face ?

I bet this has been asked before but cant find any previous threads.

The motor that moves the flap inside the dash to change the air flow to either your feet or face doesn't work,
The motor will move to let air to the wind screen though so at least I can defrost it.

Can you get access to this flap easily or is it a dash out job ?
Had a look on youtube but no decent vids of this.

I would be happy to have the flap to your feet open a bit so I can get some heat into the car.
Thanks in advance

just drop the glovebox out dude all will be revealed

Car is a UK Right hand drive, is the motor flap thingy on the passenger side?


yeah. i think there is a couple of them. secured to the side of the centre console

Cheers, strange tho as its working ok now, prob just needs a bit of lube😊

they get stuck if not used in a while. sometimes all they need is a bit of a smack Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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