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HID Bulbs

Has anybody changed their Xenon HID bulbs, if so what did you buy and were they better than OEM?
The reason I ask is though the lights are good, they could do with being a bit brighter in the far distance, and was hoping a pair of new bulbs like OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited D1S might do the job
I have found this site:

I would appreciate peoples opinions before I spend a few pennies.

i replaced mine with OSRAM night breakers and they were much better but for all i know they could have been 15 years old... with your TT RS being drasticly never i dont know how much difference you'd see?

HID Bulbs

Thanks for the reply.
I went to the VAG tuner expo at Donnington on Sunday and spoke to a few TTRS owners, who showed me how to remove the headlights: three bolts and pull it out.
Sunday afternoon when I got home, I did just this, removed the rear covers to find a D1S Osram Xenarc bulb already fitted, I removed that and gave it a clean with iso prop alcohol, as there was a thin grey haze around the bulb area: see photo. Reassembled everything and checked the alignment that evening, The lights are slightly brighter.
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