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High mileage - any issues?

There look to be a few 100K plus mile cars coming up for sale sporadically.

Has anyone here run a car with that sort of mileage and are there any issues to be aware of?

I guess DSG gearboxes have been discussed.
Suspension bushes / arms - normal for Audis!
Some steering rack play?

What about the following though?
Timing chains?

Anything else?



I have always bought low milers in the past but on this occasion bought the B8 with 105,000 on the clock over 2 years ago.

Has hardly missed a beat, but has been meticulously maintained by me and the previous owner.

The only real niggles have been the replacement of a PCB on the mechatronic unit and an oil breather pipe. Both are apparently not uncommon faults and fortunately neither are expensive fixes, especially when you get a goodwill contribution.

I have not had any issues with any of the points you mention, and you certainly don't need to worry about costly failures of the likes of turbos or DRC on these cars.

Perhaps I should add that the car has been running MRC stage 2 for some 2 years/18,000 miles, again with no issues.

It's often said that these cars are over engineered and good for 250,000+ miles. There will of course be exceptions but I've not heard of an horror stories yet.

That's good to hear Clive.

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