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How good is the b7 RS..

Hey guys, thinking of getting a fun weekend car to drive. My last "fun" car was an e46 BMW m3 CS which was sublime.
Great engine, decent interior, great looks in my opinion, and was so fun to drive. This car followed a number of "m" cars including m5, e36m3 etc.
I've also had a ko4 modified s4 in the past which was fast as hell.
So, the b7 rs4, how good is it? How will does it compare to the m3s etc? The older audis I found a bit nose heavy and lacking the driving experience of a BMW.
What would a good rs4 cost with around 70k miles and a good history? I've seen cars at 12k (cat d) all the way upto mid 20s. Now I wouldn't pay 25k for one.
Also, how well are these cars holding their value?

To me it is not a weekend car ....

Also, it does not deliver the 414bhp ... the most you will see is 390bhp.

Ultimately a lot of the engine is in front of the axle ...


I love it and a lot of people have them have weekend cars but me its a Daile.

True not all are up to power because of carbon build up but this can be resolved by a carbon clean. If you want to get a little more out of these cars then visit MRC for a remap they are the best. Even more power then your looking at superchargers which can bump power to over 600bhp.

These cars do have there issues I lie not but I love mine and won't be selling for some time. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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