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How good is the b7 rs4 and values...

After owning various decent cars (e36, e46 m3, m3 CS, b5 s4 Mrc tuned to 450+ bhp, e39 m5,bz4m coupe etc), I am not in search of something else.
Something that is fast, looks good and holds value, perhaps increasing.

Brings me to my first requirement, being fast and looking good.
I know the appearance is subject so I'll leave that bit out. Performance wise- not just outright speed, how good is the b7 rs4? An unbiased view would be great here, not one which says it's the best car ever built. I understand this is an S-RS forum but how do you rate these cars? The m cars are awesome and hard to beat. The e46 m3 is still relatively fast and handles very well. What's the rs4 like compared to this? I also considered a b5 rs4 but can't seem to find decent ones unless I spend 20k.

The final point, values and what a good one is worth. I'm thinking 70-80k miles in very good order. Crucially would I be right in saying values have bottomed out? They don't seem to be dropping at all!

My two previous cars where E39 M5 and E46 M3. Before that I have owned Golf R32 and supercharged V6's and other V8 cars.

This is my opinion many may not agree.

I think the B7 RS4 is a really great car and if you get a good one I have no doubt you will love it. One thing you will have to have is deep pockets if the expensive work has not been done on the car you buy.

Brakes 1700 all round. Brakes wear very quickly as well so expect to replace them regularly.DRC will fail at some point costing anything up to 4000 to replace or remove and replace with coilovers for 2000. Clutch replacement 2500. Decent tyres 600 plus. Engine carbon clean 700.

If you get one with all these things been done will be great purchase.

They are holding value and will continue to hold value for well maintained low mileage examples. That was the reason I pushed my budget to get one knowing it would hold it's value.

I reckon you should be able to get a good example with around 80,000 miles for 17-18k

Personally I have only owned one car previously that is better in my opinion and that was my E39 M5. In my opinion the build quality of the M5 was superior and price to maintain much cheaper than RS4. The M5 could be driven like a smooth "school run car" and turn into an animal with a touch of the throttle. I think the RS4 is a car that is wanting to go hell for leather and is more at home going quick than toddling along in the town. However the RS4 has one definite advantage which is the handling. The 4 wheel drive and grip is amazing with the RS4 and I have never felt like it was going to step out on me.

The E46 M3 as good a car as it is it doesn't come close to the RS4 or E39 M5 in my opinion. RS4 has much more torque than the E46 M3 and feels much more sure footed on the road.

I have not driven a B5 RS4 but an B5 S4 and they are totally different car from the B7 RS4 with the B5 being turboed and the B7 non turbo with more linear acceleration.

That is my take on it. Would recommend going for a B7 RS4.

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