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How is the drivetrain on these cars with a few mods?

I wanna purchase an 03 rs6 80k miles. It would be replacing my 07 335xi. I want awd cause its my daily and winter ride. My summer toys are a 785hp cts-v and 613hp wrx. I found an rs6 for 16k$ the bmw is worth 10k$ all day. I am trying to get away from 4-6 cyl engines. I wanna do a couple simple mods and get into the 11s with it and leave it alone. I do not wanna put a trans in it, a tranfer case a diff etc.  I know parts are expensive for this car.

Plans are :

Dyno tune
Cat delete
Mild drop
Meth inj

Your input guys? I know quite a bit about evos/dsms/335s/ctsv's/subarus but I know squat about these cars

The gearbox (or 'Tranny' in your case!) are the weak point on these cars.
Do a bit of google searching on c5 rs6 transmissions. You'll find literally thousands of threads on them.

Luckily you live in a country that modifies these boxes but you'll be spending $6000 plus on strengthening it.

Damn maybe I should buy an e55 amg...put some studded snow tires on it and some weight in the trunkl for the winter months
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