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Dave A

How long does it take to agree an agreed value?

Too long.

I filled out the form online with details of work done/mods/money spent etc and submitted all my pictures.  It then changed to the timer whereby I await a response which came about a week later via email with the form attached to fill in that I had already filled in!!! Great.

I rang up and explained I had already taken the time to fill in the form online but without apology was told this had not been received and I had to now fill this one in, scan and send back which I did immediately. This was on Tuesday 6th December and as yet I have had no update.

If for whatever reason something isn't 'right' now then pretty sure this won't be resolved this side of Christmas!!!


After I'd received a valuation from the Quattro owners club and sent it to the insurers (Lancaster) they sent me an agreed valuation back in around 1 week.

From when I submitted the paperwork (via email) it took 4 days for me to have confirmation that the value had been agreed.

I did mine online like you and submitted pictures etc I then got a an email a week later saying to scan over all my paperwork, invoices and stuff.


Sorry you are experiencing problems. If you wanted to PM me some details I'd be happy to look into this for you.

Kind Regards
Dave A

All sorted.

Thanks Dan  

I have to say its great to know that there are actually insurers out there who care about individual people and cars, and who take the time to sort out issues like this... Forum Index -> Adrian Flux Insurance
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