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How many Imola S3's are/ where out there ?

How would I find out how many imolas where registered in the UK
Can't be many I don't think.

No idea but there is one in Perth and seen another about this area too.
Adrian E

It's pretty much impossible without an accurate model register - Audi UK claim not to keep records of that kind of information, but I suspect it's more a lack of interest in supplying the data for anyone to analyse for little titbits of info like that.

I guess you would have to do what I am with the RS4's, keep a record of any you find!

I can PM you some handy tips to help you avoid duplicates if you fancy trying it.
Its very addictive once you start hunting!

I bet it is Dest

So there's a Perth one then, dam! Theres going to be 2 in Scotland to start the tally    

2 really. Not sure where the other is from but not seen it for a while. There is quite a few S3's about here. My mate has a silver one and my ex has my old one. There is a couple of red ones and a couple of black or blue ones about.

We had a nogaro one 7 years ago, looking forward to getting a jaundice one а

Yellow one down here in Stockport

I've seen a couple in Glasgow, never paid much attention to whether they were the same car or not.

A few in Aberdeen too!  Common as muck really!          

Found this on gumtree, from Perth, I'm sure I've seen this car at the Crieff meets га3,400

Yeah that's the one that goes about here.

Maybe heard we're getting one so selling theirs    

One for sale on Scottish vag site. I think there were about 5000 made, so really common and values will plummit by summer.


How's the new imola s3 going rich.

Great thanks mate

Thread running next door


I've seen one a few times here in Grimsby, N.E. Lincs

And a noggy one.. I think they maybe mates..
bboy82 has a maximum of 4676 listed as taxed in 2004, but then the number starts to decay until the 2.0TFSI (8P) variant was released.

As a rough estimate, I would expect the number to be around 3,800 given write-offs and exports.

Given how much effort Martyn has put into his RS4 register, I think you will have great difficulty in tracking down even 50% of that number. Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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