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Bradley b

How to get rs6 ko4s to fit

Looking at rs6 turbos ! Wondering what they are like to get them to fit ? And is there anyone who would be able to modify them ? Thanks in advance

Look up a Kent's wide body build thread
He's got a few pictures of his Rs6 turbos and how he modified them. He made jigs and cut and re welded the compressor housings-

I built the jigs are per a previous thread by 'TDIQuattro' i believe.

However, when i got stuck in i realised rather than cutting the outlets in various places to change the angles the best thing to do was to just sacrifice the outlets of the K03s which in my case were shot but there is plenty of them about for nothing.

In a nutshell:
Both outlets need chopping off and replacing with K03
Covers need reclocking
Bits need removing off covers to clear head and manis etc
Bits need adding to covers to fasten the actuators to
Wastegate arm needs releasing and rewelding to new angle Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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