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How to get the best deal on GAP Insurance

How to get the best deal on GAP Insurance

Well, we're at September again and the new MY64 registrations will soon be appearing on our roads.

If you're purchasing a new or used car (up to 8 years old) in the coming months please remember that you can get GAP Insurance through Chris Knott and probably at a fraction of the cost the dealer will charge. In fact, an episode of BBC's Rip-Off Britain focused on GAP and highlighted that car buyers should check that they're not being charged over the odds for the cover.

See the video and good advice featured here -

To make sure you're not being overcharged for GAP why not get a comparative quote for Chris Knott GAP Insurance. Chances are we'll save you hundreds of pounds as these people found out:

"Got my GAP insurance through Chris Knott, half my dealers quote, will definitely approach them for a quote when my car insurance is due too. Having the support through Chris Knott and the club gives a good feeling." Lobo, Yeti Owners Club

"I looked at the GAP cover which they advertised on the forum recently, and adding that to my car insurance cost came in only slightly higher than my existing policy.... So now my baby is fully insured, the value is protected for 3 years in case of total loss, and all modifications are included at like for like cover. Yes I'm happy, and once again the forum has not only saved me money, but delivered peace of mind and security." CR4ZYHORSE, Juke Owners Group

"Just wanted to say thanks to Chris Knott for providing my GAP cover - dealer quote 300... Chris Knott 112. This is on a New Juke Tekna, upgraded alloys, spoiler." unrealuk, Juke Owners Group

"Thanks for the GAP Insurance info, just took it out 83.....Dealer wanted 399." g1smo, Juke Owners Group

You can call us for a GAP quote on 0800 917 2274 or 01424 200477 and follow the 'car' options or get a quote online at

Remember too that during September if you ask us for a car insurance quote you will be entered into our draw to WIN a Karcher Car Pressure Washer and there'll be another prize for each of the remaining months of the year too (see a previous forum post for details).

Best regards,

What is your level of cover on GAP?

It's 3 years and pays the difference between the motor insurance payout and either the net invoice selling price or finance early repayment settlement figure (whichever is the greater).

Does that give you what you need?

Sorry, maybe never asked the right question there,

What level of cover is it i.e maximum claim limit for example

Car was 40,000
and is written off at 15000

Does your level of cover return 25000 or is it capped at 10,20 etc????

Oh I see. Each value bracket has its own indemnity limit.

In your example, if the car was 40k new, the maximum limit would be 20k on top of the motor insurance payout. As long as the 40k car didn't drop in value by 20k over the 3 years you'd find value in the cover.

There's an argument that even after that you'd only get a vastly limited depreciation compared with having no GAP cover at all.

When you get an online quote the indemnity limit is displayed as part of the quote on the right-hand panel and on the email quote generated.

Ah okay, was wondering as I used to work for a company a while back that was 25k cover on any car but like yourselves the cost would rise so 10001 car and under was XYZ then upto 25001 was XYZ and so on but the cover remained at 25k. Forum Index -> Chris Knott Insurance
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