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i got my car today!!

 i finally got my urs4 today. wow wow wow. i love this car. bit thursty. but nice. i just have 2 questions for now.
1) when im turning its making a screeeeeeetchy sound. is this the crack where the steering rack mounts?
2) the oil presure is going up and down depending on the revs of the car. is this normal or not?

regards from a very hot South-Africa

AWESOME! Get some photos up

When does it screech? all the time?

Oil pressure should increase at higher load/revs

yes well its screetching more when driving slow. at high speed i think one just cant hear it. ill have to check it out. very irretating. thanx for the info on the oil presure. i also saw that the ppe going onto the turbo has a cut in it. its not right through, but ill have to replace soon.


Oil pressure should be 5+ bar at cold startup and when the cars fully warmed up and idling it should be around 1.5-2 bar

Not sure about the screeching noise though

thats about what the oil presure is doing. so i guess its normal.  its different with my 2.6 cabriolet.  i think the car needs new shocks, cause the ride is hard and bumpy and funny. feels as if the front suspension is i dont know just funny.  lol

Check the aux belt tension maybe?

Power steering fluid level low?

its more like a metal squeeeecky sound. ive read somewhere that the earlier model urs4 had a tendancy the form a crack where the steering rack bolts onto the body. is this true?

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