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Induction Kits

Is their a after market kit to improve the air flow in to the v10 their has to be a better way then the small triangle intake ??? plus a bit of sound wouldn't hurt  

Induction kits and/or aftermarket air filters arn't a good idea on FSI engines.  Stick with the OEM air filters, look to see if you can modify the airboxes to remove any internal restrictions.

If you really want more noise, look at freer flowing zorsts - maybe something like a Milltek cat-back, or even manifold back if you are feeling flush.

Oh really why is that ? Surley if you have a good filter not a cheap one with a big gause that would help , ive got a bmc on my vr6 corrado and love the sound haha i would like a full zorst but like the suttle ness of just crusin for now

There is categorically NO filter medium better than paper - dispite what the MaxPower lot try to tell you.

Furthermore, your Corrado VR6 had manifold fuel injection, not cylinder-direct fuel injection.  That makes a massive difference.

Putting any foam or open-cell type air filter on an engine is akin to making the engine eat its own sh!t - or specifically, all the sh!t from the vehicles in front.  Just inspect the cabin pollen filter to see just how much crap a decent filter has to stop.

If you want subtle noise, either go for Milltek cat-backs, or get a custom remap which alters the sequencing of the valves in the rear silencers. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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