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Interesting s2 track toy

Just spotted this on Pheads, not lniked to seller but looks like a good base for a toy.

I was looking at this too, good car, sad story attached to it as well.

Dont know much about these but how do the engine tuning mods compare against a B5, I assume more old skool turbo lag but that makes good fun. Seems this one just needs a bit more get up and go.

more lag than our s4's yes but more old skool fun

With turbo back exhaust, remap and rs2 turbo you can get 300bhp easy

With rods, injectors, uprated ic, both manifolds (exhaust and forward facing inlet) and hybrid turbo 400bhp is not too far off

...and of course that lovely 5 pot sound

Stick a 2.5 tdi bottom end with forged rods, k26 turbo, tial wastegate, homefry and stronger clutch and you'll go past 600 Bhp ! Much more fun than a s4/rs4 and much more reliable ! Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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